Integral Acupuncture




"Over a year ago, I was set to undergo back surgery as a last resort for my back pain but thanks to Joanna, my back pain is relieved. She has prevented me from undergoing surgery, and I no longer even find the need to take aspirin. I highly recommend Joanna Jodar without a doubt."


"I have been having severe anxiety and migraines for years and sometimes experience insomnia. I tried various medications, but my situation only became worse. Since medical doctors were not able to help me, I decided to give acupuncture a try and it was the best decision I have ever made."


"I’ve been a loyal patient of integral acupuncture for over 6 years and I couldn’t live without acupuncture. Joanna has found the best of the best because I feel so lucky to have Laura as my acupuncturist!! She’s a very good listener and a very caring, patient person. I look forward to seeing Laura when I know I have an acupuncture appointment and I try to go at least twice a month. I have seen such a great improvement in my health and overall well being. Thank you!!!!"


"I had been struggling with my health and heard acupuncture could be beneficial, so I decided to look into it and I found Integral Acupuncture in an online search. I read a bit about the office & decided to make an appointment. Having never tried acupuncture prior, I was a bit nervous, but from the moment I walked in for my first appointment, I felt good vibes. The office was clean, warm, and calming, and the front desk was always staffed with friendly, positive receptionists. When I met my acupuncturist, Laura, I immediately felt comfortable and I quickly came to find out that she is absolutely wonderful. She really listened as I shared my health concerns, answered all my questions thoroughly, and talked me through the appointment. Laura truly cared about my well-being and gave me advice and support above and beyond that led to a dramatic turnaround in my health. My time at Integral with Laura was always a positive experience and, after several months of treatment, I finally felt better than I had in quite a while, both physically and mentally. This may sound dramatic, but it was actually life changing. I even recommended Integral/Laura to two people who became clients, and both have raved about their experiences as well. If you are considering acupuncture, absolutely head to Integral Acupuncture."