Integral Acupuncture




"Over a year ago, I was set to undergo back surgery as a last resort for my back pain but thanks to Joanna, my back pain is relieved. She has prevented me from undergoing surgery, and I no longer even find the need to take aspirin. I highly recommend Joanna Jodar without a doubt."


"I have been having severe anxiety and migraines for years and sometimes experience insomnia. I tried various medications, but my situation only became worse. Since medical doctors were not able to help me, I decided to give acupuncture a try and it was the best decision I have ever made."

 "Our family has been going to Joanna for over four years.  Yes, our whole family - grandma, mom, dad, and two children ages 8 and 6.  My mother and I had gone to an acupuncturist before and needed a new acupuncturist when we moved to the Somerset area.  We couldn't have found a better one than Joanna.  Her holistic approach to treating us is truly exceptional.  With her help, we have reduced anxiety, serious health issues, and hyperactivity.  She is gifted working with young children and is always looking for new therapies.  She does not discourage traditional medicine and uses acupuncture to enhance our ability to improve our overall health.  She is truly extraordinary and our whole family highly recommends her.  She is the best."


"I first decided to try acupuncture because I was at a loss with treating my migraines.  I had seen the best migraine specialist in NYC and had tried every possible migraine drug with no success.  Not only was Joanna able to break my migraine cycle, but she has been able to keep them at bay ever since.  She is so medically knowledgeable and truly cares for her patients.  Not only did she help me get my life back that my migraines took away, but I credit her with helping me get pregnant, sleep better and,  overall just feel so much better.  I wasn't a believer in acupuncture until I met Joanna.  She is truly amazing!"


"Five years ago, I went to Integral Acupuncture for treating arthritis in various parts of my body.  It was one of the best moves I have ever made.  Whenever I have a flare-up, Joanna works on that part of my body and calms it down.  I have also found that acupuncture helps with soothing my anxiety.  I highly recommend Joanna."

Ever since I've been going to Joanna for acupuncture, I've felt focused, calmer, and have been able to sleep better.  I also have been receiving acupuncture for fertility issues.  Each time that I have attempted to get pregnant while going to Joanna, I became pregnant!  Not only is she excellent at acupuncture, but she also takes her time to build a rapport with me to get to know me and see how I am feeling.  She is always punctual with her appointments and the office staff is friendly.

I started going to Joanna in 2015 after 6 months of failed infertility treatments, as well as for migraines.  I knew that if I got pregnant, I would not be able to take medication for the migraines I got at least twice a month.  After about 2 months of once-weekly acupuncture appointments, I was migraine-free.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve gotten only 3-5 migraines but have not needed to continue my weekly appointments to keep them away.  During my infertility treatments, Joanna remained positive, always referring to them as “fertility” instead of infertility.  After being devastated from my third IUI not working, Joanna did a “reset” session for me; I felt at peace as soon as my appointment was over, with no other explanation besides the acupuncture working.  I ended up needing IVF and Joanna knew exactly how many days before and after my IVF transfer that I should receive an acupuncture session, in addition to my regular weekly appointments.  I ended up pregnant with my first baby after about 9 months of weekly treatments (although the beginning treatments were focused on my migraines).  In 2019, I started going back for weekly treatments (even though I moved over 45 minutes away), as I was preparing for another frozen embryo transfer.  In conjunction with acupuncture, Joanna recommended different vitamins, supplements, and tea that could help, and I ended up having another successful transfer even though I only had a 45% chance of getting pregnant.  I truly believe that Joanna has played a large part in helping me have my 2 children.  Joanna is an amazing acupuncturist and wonderful person; I felt comfortable with her from my very first appointment and recommend her whenever someone is looking for a great practice!